The Ox Family

Rukan (aka Melissa): mid-forties Arab-American massage therapist, child whisperer and urban Earth Mother. Born and raised in the mysterious land of Lebanucky.

Rocky: mid-first-decade Indigo Child commonly known for channeling ancient princesses and unicorns. Enjoys reading, writing, twirling. Child of Rukan and Blue.

Aza: Rukan’s sweet, scrappy, grown-up surfer-boy son.

Blue: mid-thirties interdisciplinary artist and massage therapist from a foggy little island off the coast of Maine, does not say “ayuh” when asked if she’d like ti go grab a beeah down ti the Cabin. Think them gulls is acting queeah? Oh, ayuh.

Lebanucky: a beautiful and magical mixed-culture land that can only be entered by escaping a hot southwestern vortex. Rukan’s birthplace.

Bob, Sugarpaw, Jake, Creamy and Fluffy, Snowcone: old nub-tail Texas street cat, shelter mutt who sounds like a Tonton from Star Wars, Kentucky beagle-pointer hound dawg, the gerbil brothers, the mini hamster (because we needed six pets).

Sunny:  Original Dog of Dogs, perfection on four short legs, gone on to the varmint field in the sky.


One response to “The Ox Family

  1. Well, I have to wonder: Did the Bush Regime send you into hiding?

    Happy Thanksgiving, you.

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