New to Blue Ox? Read This First

Dear Friend,

This is my raw stuff, the space I claim to safely air out my insides.  There’s lots of beauty, fun and thought in this blog, and also naughty words, sexuality and general all-around buggery. If that will bother, frighten or deeply disturb you, I invite you turn your browser-fanny back around and head to some other site.  It’s O.K. if we just stick to Facebook, ‘k?

If you read on, and feel moved to comment: I use Priority One Fake-o Code Names for most of my loved ones.  Please, help keep our Top-Secret Superhero Identities classified!  The safety and well-being of the planet you call “Earth” depends on it.  See “The Ox Family” page for details.  P.S.: If you, too, would like a Code Name, see me in my office.




6 responses to “New to Blue Ox? Read This First

  1. I tried to leave a comment, but I don’t see it here.

  2. I told the story of how as a little one, we used to turn the pages of the baby bird book and one of the many aunts and uncles, your Noni and Pop Pops, Dad, and even I would sing each of the birds’ songs for you. By the time you were three, you could sing them all. You also learned to mimic a squirrel. Love, love, love, M

  3. Love you too, cutie-butt. That’s my mom!

  4. I was just checking out the new pics you sent and saw your line “new to blueox?” so clicked on it since ’cause I hadn’t seen it before 🙂 As I read down and saw your mom’s little story (confirmed by you that it was her), I cracked up about the squirrel part as I remember seeing, hearing you do that! (at least I ‘think’ that’s what you were doing, LOL!) Hmmm….. maybe we are
    related. Are squirrels in the same family as chip-
    munks because I’ve been a.k.a. sounding like a
    deranged chipmunk, DC for short? If they’re not,
    they certainly can be, right?!!
    LOVE, Diane (a.k.a. DC/mom, or……you choose)
    P.S. Also wanted to tell you how FURIOUS I am about how the vote came out, Tues. 😦

  5. I always think of you as ExtraMom. Love you too, sweetie!

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