Blue Ox, We Hardly Knew Ye

Well, trusty pals, Blue Ox the Blog is wrapping up.  It feels finished to me, like a good, long bath, when you start to get a little hot and pruny. Or something.  Maybe it’s more like, Blue Ox was Chapter One. It’s time for Chapter Two.

Operations will continue at my SHINY NEW BLOG, Bluegrass Pirates. The new blog is much like this one, except that it’s different.  Rocky has decided to become a blogger just like her dear ole’ Ma, and will be a contributor now, and I may even get Mo to lend a few of her lovely photos.  More Barbie, more essays and stories, a hoophouse or two, and hell, why not? maybe even some more taxidermy.

Or maybe not.

A million, zillion THANK YOUs to the folks who’ve been a part of Blue Ox: followers, droppers-in, contributors, supporters, haters, people who’ve been mortified on my behalf. Good Gawd, the things I’ve posted here.

Friends, please join my family at our new online home (I repeat: Bluegrass Pirates).  And come on back to Blox any time you need to hear conversations between goldfish.


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