My Cat is an Alien.

I’ve been curious about Wispy’s peculiar markings ever since they began to come in (he was pure white when we got him), so the other day I did a little research, and lo and behold! we have ourselves a genuine Oriental Shorthair Siamese-style cat, or something.  There are a bunch of names floating around for what he is, the most common being flamepoint Siamese, though of course there’s a big difference between what the crazy show-cat people and the yeah-whatever-it’s-just-a-cat cat people say around what you may or may not call a cat of Wispy’s free-love parentage.  After reading about the “breed” personality traits and looking at countless lookalike photos of fellow mutt-cats, Marble Mable + anonymous Siamese-style dad = Wispy = flamepoint Siamese.

Exhibit 1: Wispy and Wispy

Exhibit 2: Spot the Siamese! (hint: it’s not Bob)

Here’s what I think of all that.  Look at Maine coon cats.  The Maine coon cat bred itself.  I bet there are a lot of people out there who wish they could take credit because Maine coons are really amazing cats, and they breed the hell out of them now, but the Maine coon is a landrace – it developed naturally out in the wilds, adapting over generations to its particular environment.

Maine Coon Cat

So here’s the important question. Do you think there’s a woods out there with a bunch of Wispies running around in packs?  Because that would be awesome.  Or … oh my god … could the Wispies have come from … SOMEWHERE ELSE …?   I’m thinking that Rocky’s “barn cat” was strategically placed in our family, by some Wispy mothership currently in cloaking mode in orbit around the moon.  The Wispies on Earth are reporting telepathically – or, oh god, using our own technology while we sleep! – to the Wispies in Space, comparing notes on crazy show-cat people versus yeah-whatever cat people, and other choice bits of information, like how the humans feed their cats poultry by-products from tin cans.  They’re planning something.  The Wispies are coming. GOOD GOD, THE WISPIES ARE COMING.


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