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A Very Barbie Christmas

Barbie is thinking about her favorite month of the year – December!  The holidays are almost here, and Barbie has a lot planned this season.  See how excited she is?

In early December, Barbie takes her family out to Old Tyme Christmas on Frankfort Avenue, in their neighborhood.  First stop: Santa!  Rocky knows this one’s a fake, but she’s a good sport about it.

Anyone can visit with Santa – even if she’s a grown woman!  Lucky Barbie! Barbie has been so good this year – if you don’t count beating up her coworker after the drag show on her birthday.

After Santa, it’s time for a carriage ride down Frankfort Ave.  Barbie used to own a pair of chaps that looked like the harness on that horse’s rear.  Wait, did Barbie just say that out loud?

Barbie doesn’t seem to notice that Rocky is getting beamed back to the mothership.

Barbie loves Old Tyme Christmas, but she always gets annoyed when people spell it “Tyme”.  See how annoyed she is?

A few weeks later, it’s time to go do some shopping and get a tree.  On the way, Mo and Barbie get into an argument over what kind of tree to get – pine or spruce?  Oh, get over yourselves, you two!

Oh yes, this one will do nicely.  Thank you, young man!

No thanks, Barbie can get it on the car herself.

Hey Barbie, that’s an impressive taut-line hitch! Were you in the Barbiescouts?

A few days to go.  Gifts are wrapped, the tree is up, decorating is done.  Happy Hannukah, everyone!

Christmas morning!  What did Barbie get?  Oh my.  Good thing Barbie didn’t open her gift from Mo in front of Rocky.  Rrrar!

Gifts are put away, Rocky is asleep, and Christmas is over.  Barbie sits back to enjoy the quiet night with a mug of spiced cider and Vivaldi on Pandora.  It’s good to be plastic.

I’m sorry I fought with you about the tree, Mo.


Undr Atak