Monthly Archives: November 2011

Saying Goodbye, Long Version

My sweet boy is dying.  It looks like he’s got cancer pretty bad.  Today Mo and I finally let him out. Being an Austin greenbelt cat, he’d been jonesing to get back outside – where he loves most to be – for days.  We had been keeping him in to give him antibiotics, since there’s a chance this could be a severe bacterial infection.  Now signs are pointing toward the bad news.  So, knowing today could be our last day of sunshine for a while (and maybe his last one, period), the three of us held him, kissed him and hugged him, cried, and let him go.

He immediately perked up.  He hobbled over to his scent-signposts for a sniff, toured the garden, and finally, instead of disappearing forever, came back over to us, crawled up to the landing and settled himself down in a patch of sun.  He accepted some pets and even purred a little.  This evening he ate Friskies from a can, and came back in for the night.  So much for our tearful goodbye.

He seems happier now.  Not healthier, but happier.


Barbie’s Wild Night

It’s Barbie’s birthday.  If you look really close, you can see Barbie’s gray hair – it looks like White-Out, but it’s not. It’s evidence that Barbie better live it up while she still can.  Barbie calls her friends to join her for a night on the town.

Raise your glasses, everyone! Lets make it a night to remember!

Mmm. Sushi. That hits the spot, doesn’t it Barbie?

…but not as much as a few cups of sake! Thanks, Jes! Keep it coming.

Aw HELL yeah.  That’s what we’re talkin’ about.  After her friends finally get Barbie to come down from the chandelier, it’s time to hit the club.

At The Connection, things get wild with two beautiful strangers on the dance floor…

After ripping the shirt off a drunken gay man, Barbie suddenly notices that her girl is talking to ANOTHER WOMAN.

Oops. It was only her co-worker.  Barbie shouldn’t drink; she goes all ninja on people at the bar.

Oh, Barbie!


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