Just a little argument (with our razor-sharp talons)

Birds will often attack and drive away larger, predatory birds in order to protect their territory and young (you’ll see crows going after much larger hawks, for example, and even smaller birds dive bombing and harassing until the threat has been driven away).

In my dream, two birds were flying overhead, back and forth between two trees.  One was an enormous white gyrfalcon, and the other was a small snowy owl.  Both were females.  Each was defending her nest, though the owl was much more on the defensive side of the battle.  I admired the tenacity and courage of the snowy owl, who was striking out with those sharp talons and an angry little whistle with every pass.  The powerful gyrfalcon, however, was not being driven away – she was attacking back, and one of her near misses, had it hit its mark, would have ripped the owl apart.  I was filled with apprehension.

Suddenly, they were buds.  Pals.  BFFs.  WTF?  In response to my unspoken question, the gyrfalcon said to me conversationally, “Oh, we’re just arguing.  It’s all good.”






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