News of the Day: Spaz, a few things to be very afraid of, and Rocky ‘n’ Romeo

Happy Go Texan Day!


In other news, I’m laid up today with my yearly back spaz attack, when all the muscles around my lumbar spine go into painful spasm, rendering me utterly useless.  The very bad part of that is that I can’t work, and by calling in on a busy day I made a mess for my poor front desk pals.  Plus, we’ll be out several days’ income.  The great news is, I have time to watch Lady Gaga videos.  Very educational.

Sugarpaw, let yourself out, honey.


On the love front, Rocky is once again in love with Adrian, who she had previously dumped for Mateo, a dashing older boy in a different class, who was completely unaware that he had a girlfriend.  Adrian is a short, dark-eyed, adorable little boy, Jewish, with a well-established reputation as the Romeo of Kindergarten.  Adrian pined for months, until finally, determined to win back his true love, he began sneaking kisses “all over” her whenever he could, flashed her the dimple-smiles and charmed her in every way he knew how, until finally, well, to quote Ry: “I got back together with Adrian, because he proved his love for me.”

He calls her his “curly-haired wife”.

And apparently, they’re planning on “sneaking a kiss, on the lips” at Rocky’s birthday party.  In the carriage ride at Chuck E. Cheese.

Our friend, mother to a lovely golden-haired girl in the same class, has warned that “Sydney might just start some drama” over Adrian.

Isn’t this FUN?  I LOVE being a parent!


One response to “News of the Day: Spaz, a few things to be very afraid of, and Rocky ‘n’ Romeo

  1. When we lived in Sanderson and Del Rio as a child, scorpions would sometimes get under the blankets with us at night. For the warmth, Mama said. Could that be right?

    Well, as a break from Lady Gaga, watch the oroginal Ghost Hunters at the lighthouse in Florida or the battleship. Or GHI at the prison inTasmania. But stop before it gets dark outside.

    Sending you lub and energy.

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