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Brattleboro Retreat psychiatric hospital


I’ve always loved traveling alone.


Vermont, though the most lovely of the New England states, is home to some ghosts for me.


Still, speeding through this winter landscape, reclamation seems possible.  I’m going to see my beloved sister and her family, including the tiny new baby.


I feel burned out by Texas’ sun-drenched landscape.  Here, the exquisite subtleties of color in gray are a welcome relief to my sore eyes.  I suppose I had to leave and grow up, in order to come back and see the beauty.


After a while asphalt turns to dirt road.


It’s amazing, how monotone this place once was.


Vermont winter is profoundly deep and still.  Strange, as I age, how I’ve become comfortable with stillness, how even in movement, driving up this dirt road, I’ve found stillness.  It’s a lovely paradox.


Every moment, I am arriving.




Welcome, sweet Alexander.


Moving is Poo.

Moving is poo.  Four times in a year and a half.  I hate moving.  Hate hate hate.  Fuck.  Fucking hate. Fucking sucking hating hate hate.  Poo.

Ohhh I got the missing ovary bluuuues…

Dear Sexy Surgeon who took my right ovary,

I am now getting serious hot flashes, worse mood swings than usual and my period is every three weeks.  I’d like to get this over with. When can you take the other one out?


Blue Hot-n-Sweaty Ox


My brother Bill used that as a curse.  It was usually a belch, as well.

We’re gettin’ kicked out.

As soon as we signed it, we knew we were dummies for agreeing to a lease that ended in January.  We also had an inkling that with a psycho drunk for a landlady, though a good-hearted psycho drunk, we could very well find ourselves on the curb during the holidays.  In the cold.  Because did I mention I’m not in mild-winter Austin, renting from good, predictable Harry, any more?  I live in Sleetyslushenville and my landlord is Ms. Lottavodka Bonkernoodle.

I took so much time coming up with that awesome name that now I’m too tired to write any more.

Maybe it was funnier on FB.

Facebook Conversation of the Day:

Blue: “Hot and Spicy Cheezits” prove the existence of Satan.

Carol: Oh no honey, those are from the Goddess.

Blue: Then the Goddess has a bad sense of humor, because have you ever burped one up?