Birthday Post, 11/13/09

Well, it’s midnight and my birthday is officially over.  And by that I mean, not over.  Since I celebrate my birthday for days and days, or in other words until Christmas.

The teacher conference went well this morning, or as well as it could, since the pencil-thwack teacher is already somewhat uncomfortable to be around on a regular day, when you’re NOT telling her to quit tapping your child on the head with a pencil.  She’s an odd one.  Not much warmth in her, especially sad since she’s working with such little kids.  But Ru had a kind but firm word with her, and I hope that will cause her to think twice about her approach from now on.  I’m fairly sure it was just a tap on the head, but even that’s not allowed.  It made Ry uncomfortable and sad (if she knew the word “belittling”, she’d probably use it).  We’ve praised Rocky up and down for telling us, and have asked her to continue to let us know when her gut says something’s wrong.

You know what?  We are good parents.

I had a wonderful day.  Went to the conference, worked at the Envy for four hours, came home and walked the dogs (accompanied by Mr. Bob, as usual) in our neighborhood, and had a delicious picnic on the back deck – cheddar cheese, salami, Italian bread, herbed goat cheese, kalamata olives, apple slices.  It was a gorgeous, 60-something-degree day.  The late afternoon sunlight slanting through the russet leaves, lending everything a warm coppery glow, filled me to to bursting with the sweet melancholy of late Autumn.

I’ve been able to see my breath a few of these past mornings, and Rocky has tasted frost stripped from grass stems.

Tonight Ru took me to a play, The Kathy and Mo Show.  It was a good, fun show, with a couple of excellent actresses and some genuinely funny script, but the real treat was sitting next to my lovely partner at that play, our arms linked on the armrest.  We are so solid.

In fact, when it came time to blow out the candles (on my Baskin-Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream cake, thank you very much), I found that I couldn’t think to wish for anything I don’t already have … there’s lots I’d wish for other people, but I take care of that in prayers.  Instead, I just envisioned a continuation of the abundance I have  … that I’ve had all along, but had been blocked from seeing, all this time.

My sister had a baby boy, Alexander, yesterday.  Mazel Tov, my beautiful Syna, and your sweet husband.  Welcome, sweet new little one.  May you grow up in the world, not the T.V., and eat many servings of your grandmother’s signature coconut cake.  Avoid the Savory Beanloaf.


Birthday Wakies, by Rocky Ox


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