Downeastern Girls

Yesterday Rocky and I had lunch with Brian, a friend from public school who I hadn’t seen in 20 years.  We were both theatre geeks from early on.  We started our careers as Father Time and Wanda the Witch in 4th grade.

Today Caitlin arrived from New England for the weekend – my first true friend.  At 15, we bonded over our mutual love for Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Elfquest, and, obviously, the fact that we were nerds destined to be completely outcast from society.  We decided to stop trying to fit in, when we met each other – it was better to be outcast together.  It’s been 10 years since we last saw each other.

It is so amazingly refreshing to see people from my childhood – my actual, down-in-the-roots Maine childhood, which is too often overshadowed by my fancy-pants arts high school childhood.  I mean, I went to school with JEWEL, yo.  I shared a bathroom with JEWEL.  JEWEL poured salt in my bed.  I went to boarding school with the Prince of Ghana.  Woo, am I hot stuff.

The day I ran away from home, young 16, in the heat of summer, I borrowed a pair of Caitlin’s too-small sneakers so I wouldn’t burn my feet walking the tracks back to the apartment.  It all comes around, if we’re lucky, back to what matters, back to what’s real.


2 responses to “Downeastern Girls

  1. You know JEWEL?!!!!!

    Oh, Blue, I barely know who she is. Honestly. I guess that makes me a dinosaur. But the burning question is, why did you pour salt in her bed?

    Maar says hi. After Pyosz and me, she thinks you’re the hottest.

  2. She poured salt in my bed. Because she was a douche.

    No, me and the other gals with whom I shared a dorm suite used to play pranks on each other. She also used to hold me down and dangle spit over my face, then slurp it back up. Then she fell for the old water-over-the-doorway trick. Good times, good times.

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