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Urban Homesteader

Today’s harvest: romaine and red leaf lettuce, green peppers, sweet carrots.


“We need enough dinner rolls for 25 people,” they said.  “Just buy those e-z bake rolls,” they said.  As if.


Palm-sized apple pie?  All in a day’s work, chez Blue.



Post-Thanksgiving Ramblings

Waiting out the miseries caused by Thanksgiving – nausea, dizzy spells and other fun symptoms of too much kibbeh.  Or maybe too much sugar.  Certainly the sugar OD has played a part in the relapse of anxiety disorder, the feeling of being trapped on the foggy far side of reality, looking out at everyone as if through one of those bubbly translucent shower walls.

I barely made it to work this morning.  As I struggled to get through my massage morning, I realized that I felt hung over, and was indeed acting like someone under the influence of some destructive addiction.  I go through long bouts of overwhelmedness in my life, where I feel completely unable to tackle what I see as an impossibly long list of tasks.  My therapist once told me I had to be the head of my household.  I would have laughed in her face, had it not been De – someone into whose face one DOES NOT laugh.  What I didn’t tell her was that these bouts of incapability started a long time ago, when I was 14, and were my initial reason for getting into therapy.  Back then, I thought it was because I was disorganized.  I still haven’t completely figured it out, and I suppose I should, because the lack of organization causes chaos in our family.

I love Ru dearly.  She has incredible strong points.  Organizational thought is not one of them.  She can DO, absolutely.  But she’s not the best planner.  Neither am I, but De was right – I have it in me, if I can get over this stumbling block.  Somebody’s got to organize.

I’d better heave my sorry ass off this couch and get to my night shift.


I give up.

Like like like, like. Like like like like like like like. Like. Like, like like like, like like like!  Like like like like, like – like like like like like.


No Really, I’m Just Desperate.

Hi.  Will you be my friend?  Ugh, that sounded stupid.  Okay, do-over.  Hi, will you be my friend?  Damn!  What the hell?  Why can’t I get this right?  No wait, wait – I know I can get this right.  I know we just met and all, and you really don’t know me, but – hi.  Will you be my friend?  No no, I’m not desperate! I’m just lonely. NO no strike that, it’s just that I’m new in town and I’m lonely aaargh dang it!  Okay okay seriously, so here’s my plan, you’re going to love it.  Lets enter my alternate universe where anyone can date anyone (or everyone), no regard to orientation or marital status or height or what have you.  We’re going to enter my alternate universe, and you’re going to find me magnetic and incredibly attractive, and we’re going to date.  We’re going to date and/or have friend sex.  This is what I know how to do.  I lure you in with the the eyes and the excitement of a fresh crush and the shirt that shows off my shoulder muscles (so strong, so feminine) and Hey, look at that – we have a thousand things in common!  What – you’re the artist-type, too?  You like tattoos but don’t have any? You, too, are afraid there’s a tarantula in the tp roll?  It worked.  We can be friends now, we can go home to the regular universe, now we’re best friends. We talk every day on the phone and compare parenting notes and go out dancing and our spouses are best friends, too, and our children and pets all love each other.  We live side by side in matching houses, you’re my very best friend and I’m not lonely I’m just desperate, really.  Am I coming on too strong?

How To Permanently Destroy a Child, by Rocky Ox

“Mama, why did you buy me a green thermometer?  I wanted a pink one, to match Kate and Claire’s! Now my whole life is ruined.”

My Very First LOLz!

The Sci-Fi Horror of the Year

This. Is. AWESOME.