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Spare the rod… Did I just say that??

You may be aware that I’ve been suffering from a massive creative block for quite a long while now.  Not entirely sure of the reason, though I have a handful of theories.  I’m not going to take the time to figure it out.  Instead, I’m just going to write.  Even if it sucks.  I’m going to write, every single day, or almost every single day, as much as I can do within the limits created by my work schedule.  It may be a sentence or a paragraph or a really, really badly-writted 10-page essay, but dammit, I am going to post.  Fuck you, blockage.  I’m done waiting.

So, for a start, I have to tell you that we spanked Rocky.  Not like drag-your-pants-down, beat-you-with-a-switch spanking.  More like, we were at the end of our rope with her utter disrespect and chronic bad attitude, and had tried everything we could think of, and it really seemed like she was almost asking for us to put a hard and solid wall in place for her.  There is safety for children, in good, healthy boundaries.

We told her beforehand.  We told her what it would look like: one warning, and if ignored, one whack on the back of her pants.  She hated the idea, professed  to being scared about it – and then sassed like never before.  And she got herself a good whack on the booty.

Oh, the tears, the heartbreak!  Then, several more whacks over the course of a week or so, and she was cured.  End of story.  She’s been a golden shining angel ever since, and I think she has been happier, along with her parents.

Sometimes, this parental decision thing is difficult business.



Maggie’s Hurting. Please Lend a Hand.

Our pal Maggie (of Maggie’s Meta Watershed) has just undergone emergency abdominal surgery due to a massive hernia.  To insure that Mags has a home to come home to, please consider helping out with a donation (even $5 will help) via Paypal on her blog,  Seriously, she has no way to pay her rent right now, and barely made it when she could work.  She really needs our help.

Love to you all.


Yellow Emperor’s Chopstick Neck-Snap

This made me ALOL (Actually Laugh Out Loud, something I rarely do sincerely)

Kung-Fu Name Generator


Godzilla Dream

The city I was living in was under attack by a huge, bright red Godzilla that would burn your brain out if he looked at you.  I ran upstairs to get the puppy and her littermates, and put all five of them safely in a pillowcase.  I had a little crate for Bob (my cat), but he was off somewhere on his own.  I was scared for him.  I came downstairs just as my sister Kim was arriving.  Mom was talking to my brother Bill, trying to get him to come with us, but he was having a panic attack, and went off to an abandoned McDonald’s.  Mom was heartbroken, but there was nothing we could do, so the three of us took off on two scooters.  Then I got a call from Bill, his voice weak, saying he had changed his mind – could we come back and get him?  He was downtown, where the monster was.  I told Mom to go on without me, I’d go get him and rejoin them later.  I got on a scooter and went back to find him, but couldn’t.  Suddenly I saw the monster towering over the adjacent block, coming my way.  I started running down the street with people all around me, the pillowcase over my shoulder.  I ran down a set of subway stairs and came out on a sandy boardwalk next to the river I grew up next to.  I was a little kid, separated from my family.  A gay couple saw me, and decided to help me escape with them.  As we were running down the boardwalk, under the canopy of an elevated train track, the red Godzilla appeared above us.  We froze, petrified, then ran off again as it passed overhead.  One of the puppies fell out of the bag, and I stopped to get her back.  Sunny was with me, and I was afraid she’d run into the street and get hit by a car; suddenly I realized that I had the power to save her.  I made a leash out of old phone cord and led her on.  I began to feel like I was going to be okay.

October Quote

“Ry, are those your eyeballs on the floor?”

I wonder if the tooth fairy comes for heroine addicts, when they lose their teeth?

Last night, while being gnawed on by Satanpaw, I noticed my hand was covered in blood.  I pried open the needle jaws and, sure enough, one of her lower baby pointy ones was gone, leaving a little bloody hole and the emerging nub of a big-girl tooth.  I had read that puppies generally swallow their baby teeth, but I found this one on the floor where we were playing.  It was so cute and . . . bloody.  Yeah, mostly just bloody.  In any case, without a thought, Ry grabbed the tooth and stuck it under the Paw’s fluffy pink “Princess” pillow in her crate.  For the tooth fairy, of course.  It had never occurred to me that the tooth fairy might come for dogs, too.

In fact, when Rocky ran to look under the dog pillow this morning, there was a whole dollar!  I hope she spends it wisely.