Am I missing something?

So, now that I have an account, I have to know: what’s all the hoo-ha about Twitter?  I’ve heard the word “revolutionize” about it one too many times.  I had to find out firsthand.  So far, I don’t get it.


4 responses to “Am I missing something?

  1. You are NOT missing something.

    A legitimate revolutionary aspect of Twitter is its ability to instantly, briefly notify an unlimited number of people across international boundaries about certain actions occurring or proposed.

    Pretty much all else is ego. If you want to actually communicate with someone who is a real friend directly, there’s texting and/or e-mail (or the phone, or for those of us who are sensualists/archivists), letters on paper. If you want to transmit a well-thought-out idea to an unlimited audience for perpetuity, blogging is exponentially superior. Twitter is the equivalent of shooting the breeze to a stranger at the bus stop. Except you get to brag about how many “followers” you have (note that vocabulary choice — not “readers”, “followers”.) But there is little to no leadership actually occurring via Twitter, no permanence to it, no copyright protection, and no follow-through.

    I mean, if Republican Congressfucks can Twitter, it’s not that deep, right?

    Tweets are what birds do all ay long to say, over and over, “this is my patch of ground, I just ate a fly, wanna have sex?, this is my patch of ground, I just ate a fly, wanna ….” Twitter is capitalizing on and furthering the ADD/dumbing down of American discourse. With, as I stated above, a few rare but important exceptions.

    This is not to say it won’t at some point become a useful tool. It’s worth staking out your name and ID on Twitter, as a placeholder, to see what comes down the pike. But save your online time for items with umami and whole-grain nutrition, which always involve more than 140 characters. I mean, even “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” have real meaning only in the context of the entire Preamble and the enormous impact of the precise, multisyllabic Jeffersonian phrasing of the Declaration.

  2. Just when you thought American discourse could get no dumber.

  3. Thank you for the lowdown, Mags.

  4. I don’t get Twitter either. When I went to see what all the mania was about, only one word came to mind: boring!

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