“Poop Seeds!”

When Rocky goes poop in the potty, one of her moms will often be in there with her, tp in hand; though the little Cheeto is entirely capable of cleaning her own light-roast-coffee-bean booty, she still clings to small vestiges of babyhood, and we’re not the type of parents to force her into grown-up-ness.  Hey, she’ll be 13 soon, and you know nobody’s gonna be seeing her nekkid then.  She’ll be fine.  So one of us will be in there with her, and she’ll say “Poop Seeds!” which signals the start of the game.  She hands you [imaginary] seeds from the toilet [but not for real – did I mention that?].  You then must take the seeds and plant them.  Then you mime the Poop Seeds sprouting into plants.  Then she tells you what’s growing.  Lollypops is a favorite, and you even are granted the privilege of  picking your own flavor.  Dresses often grow as well, or flowers to put behind your ear.  It’s funny how things like that seem normal, everyday, within a family.  But it’s funny and weird, isn’t it?  “Poop Seeds!”


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