Early this morning, after Rocky had climbed into bed with us and I lay there, gazing at her soft caramel skin, her sweet little nose, her ringlets and long brown lashes, I wondered if the donor ever thinks about his offspring.  I thought, of course he does.  So I sent him a prayer, a vision from my mind’s eye to his, of the miraculous work of art that is Ry, my beautiful child who looks just like him.  Five years ago today, we saw her for the first time.  His face, transposed from photo to flesh.

We all wanted to meet some day, but it was against the rules… so, unless there’s a miracle of meeting, for the gift of your genes, I can only say thank you.



2 responses to “4/17/09

  1. Rock on, Ry. Happy 5th to you.

  2. Happy Birthday, Rocky!

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