A Fool And Her Blog

Happy April Fools’.  April Fools’!

Just kidding.  April Fools’!


In other news, Rocky will be officially five in about two weeks.  I say “officially” because she’s been five since she was four, according to her doctor (I had never heard anyone use the term “scary-smart” before the 4-year well-child visit).  We’ll be taking her to the children’s museum in Indianapolis for her birthday, which is something she’s been clamoring for ever since we came back from there three months ago.  There’s a carousel, you see.  With horses.  Did I mention horses?  Her carousel horse is named Rose.  Rose is a horse.

I am mostly recovered from the ovarian cyst horrors, though lifting still makes my tummy hurt.  I am now searching for work in earnest.  I have interviewed, so far, at an executive men’s spa and a chiropractor’s office.  The men’s spa is great because it’s downtown, in a Soco-esque Fun District part of L’ville, and though when South Congress in Austin turned into Soco I stopped going over there because it was annoying me, now that I can’t go there any more I miss it.  Shit Blue, who taught you to write?

The chiropractor’s office is GREAT (you can tell how great it is by my use of all capitals), except the part where I have to drive 1/2 hour in rush hour traffic.  Have you heard about the gas prices?  No?  Oh, they’ve risen a little in the past few years.

Tomorrow I interview at LeBliss.  For real, LeBliss.  That’s “TheBliss” in French.  In case you don’t speak French.

Rukan, meanwhile, has landed a great job at a local hospital.  She’ll get to work three 12-hour shifts, 7am-7pm, which will really free her up the rest of the week to do things on her Honeydo List.

I’m just full of hilarity tonight.

Aside from turning Officially Five, Rocky is very much looking forward to the return of the Easter Bunny, who hides the eggs; the Easter Turtle, who brings the chocolate; and the Easter Beaver, who brings the jelly beans.  Except for the black licorice ones, which are supplied by the Bunny.  Oh my god, I just got that!  Eeeew, jeez, Mom!

One year my family was having Easter up on the Island, on the farm, where I grew up, when someone spotted a strange creature swimming up the freshwater stream, which ran down the middle of the cove at low tide.  We got out the binoculars, and lo and behold, I said “lo and behold”, it was a beaver.  A beaver!  In the cove, swimming up from the saltwater bay!  A strange sight indeed.  We’ve had the Easter Beaver ever since.  I have no idea where the Easter Turtle idea came from.  Bunch of hippies, have to do everything “their own way”.  I’m so glad I’m regular.


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