She lived to tell the tale, and will henceforth be called Conehead the Barbarian

We were at the park, and Rocky was throwing a frisbee to a woman’s big Australian shepherd-mix dog.  I was sitting nearbye with little Sunny on a leash.  The big dog noticed Sunny and came up close, bristling and stiff, and we heard a low snarl begin in the back of its throat – and then it was attacking, I heard Sunny’s muffled yelp of pain, and Rocky was screaming and running away, and somebody body-slammed the dog and got it in a headlock, pulling it off Sunny – and then I realized the person was me.

The dog’s owner pulled it away by the collar, Rukan grabbed up the wailing Rocky, and I retreated with Sunny to assess her injuries.  At first she seemed okay, but soon blood started to well up from her forehead, soaking into her yellow fur, and more below her eye.  That fucking dog grabbed her by the head, and got her good.  I turned my attention to Rocky, who was sobbing like I’ve never heard.  I called her over to me and held her.  She cried, “Mama, I have such a bad feeling in my body. I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my whole life!”

I took Sunny to the vet immediately, and Rukan stayed with Rocky at the playground.  The owner of the other dog came too, and put the bill on her credit card before leaving.  She felt very bad.  Sunny got a shave, and I got to see the damage the dog did – three deep gashes in the top of her head, and at least one nasty one below the eye.  They washed the wounds out and gave me a bottle of antibiotics and a prescription for painkillers, because apparently dog bites are very painful.  The vet didn’t give her any stitches, because he was afraid bacteria would get trapped inside and cause infection.

Sunny’s been a very good sport about the head cone.  Sito’s been sneaking her crackers and probably bits of whatever she’s cooking, and even Ru’s grumpy old dad has spared That Dog a few pats.  Sunny says a dog bite never felt so good.



4 responses to “She lived to tell the tale, and will henceforth be called Conehead the Barbarian

  1. Holy cr@p! That looks painful. In completely unverifiable sympathy, every Australian sheepdog I’ve ever met has been extreeeemely bad with other dogs; aggressive, growling, bluff charge-y, generally always in attack mode. Weird. Plus, you’re crazy brave for getting in the middle of that.

    Sunny, however, looks like an absolute sweetheart. I hope Rocky’s not too traumatized by the whole thing. Kids identify so strongly with their pets, seeing them get hurt is horrible for them.

  2. Aww- it kinda looks like a heart! Poor little puffball…

  3. Ack! Poor Sunny! I hope she’s feeling better. I send her and her humans my loving doggy vibes.

  4. Thanks friends. She is feeling better. and you’re right sparky – it did look a bit like a heart!

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