Things I Love About Austin, Volume I

My goddaughter
Smart, energetic, absolutely delightful – so many things, the entire internet couldn’t hold them.

My friends and community
You’ve helped build me.

Barton Springs
Where can you go when it’s you’re all hot and nasty and gross, dive into 65 degree water, and emerge completely refreshed, like you’ve had an ice-cold drink after crawling across a hot, parched desert? Where can you go to see a round, tattooed topless woman leap from a public pool diving board, wearing nothing but a string bikini bottom? Nowhere in Louisville, Kentucky, that’s for sure.

Sparky’s Rat-Hole (my favorite coffee shop)
I once saw a rat fall from the ceiling and smack onto the patio, shake itself off, then scamper into a hole. Everyone stared at where it had disappeared, then went back to their laptops.

Live Oak Trees
It’s like they’re . . . alive, or something.

My job and co-workers at the psyche ward – I mean market research company
I would never have imagined that I would learn to love it. I planned on leaving when my broken foot healed, but instead stayed on for no real good reason. In fact, maybe I’m there now, trapped in my cubicle, hallucinating an alternate reality . . .

My Austin bird. Peeent!


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