Four years ago, when you were a tiny little sprout in my tummy, I grew something to keep you company, to feed you and help you grow strong.

Mommy helped grow it too, by making sure I got good food and lots of water in my body, by helping to keep me healthy and safe.

On the day you were born, our placenta was born, too.

I didn’t get to see it then. It was wrapped up, and put away for us in the back of the freezer. I haven’t ever looked at it until today, with you.

I see beautiful veins, and blood melting into a pool all around. Here’s the umbilical cord that connected us to each other.

Here in the ground, it’ll go back to the earth.

It will feed the roots of our live oak tree

that has stayed strong and sturdy outside your window, from the day of your birth

until now. We’re giving our placenta to this oak tree, in thanks for standing guard that day

and all the days that have followed.

Happy birthday, my sweet love.


4 responses to “4/17/08

  1. wow, Blue…..that is like a myth for your beautiful daughter to carry in her heart.

  2. Happy Birthday, Rocky!!


  3. Wow! Nice post! Happy birthday little one!

    I had a friend who saved her child’s placenta. Apparently there is a tradition that she make a tea from it and her son drinks it on his 21st birthday to better make separations from his mother, and become an adult. He declined when he hit the blessed age. Not sure what became of le placenta.

  4. I can’t say I blame him. I mean, it’s magical and all, but ick.

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