my sixteen year old preschooler

Conversation between Rocky and her friend (verbatim):

Rocky: Kate, you’re welcome to join me in my bath.
Kate: Baths kill me.

Is it just me, or does my 3-year-old have a high schooler’s command of the English language? And Kate – well, I just don’t have a response to that.

Later, Rocky lead Kate around on a dog leash, saying “come on, Casseopia!” Later still, at the dinner table, one hand was Ursa Minor, and the other was Ursa Major. Apparently, they’re studying the sky at the Dirt and Bugs Preschool.

I’d just like to point out that “Casseopia” has five syllables.

She can now write her name, and she’s been asking Rukan to teach her to write. We’re starting her on “cat”. But I have a feeling she’s going to ask for “superfluous.”

Rukan’s getting antsy to get her into t-ball.


One response to “my sixteen year old preschooler

  1. She’s amazing.

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