Some photos, and a phone call

Rocky, in a rare moment of self-expression

Goddess Fest 07Nukins

Pretend Phone Conversation #367

“Hi there!”
“Who’s this?”
“It’s your kid, Rocky!”
“Oh! Hey, it’s my kid! Watcha doin’?”
“Oh, I’m sitting here in my bedroom watching TV, with my partner Tall Paisley.”
[Mo and Blue glance at each other and stifle laughter]
“Oh, is that right? Well, tell Tall Paisley I said hi, and I can’t wait to see her.”
“OK, bye bye!”


One response to “Some photos, and a phone call

  1. Tall Paisley! That’s friggin hilarious. Though I have to admit, I’d totally date a woman named Tall Paisley. She sounds hot!

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