Apparently, it’s not my job to protect Rocky from being kicked in the head by Sensitive New Age Guys

Rocky and I were at Thrift Pimp the other day when we ran into a semi-familiar face. By the glowy look in her eyes, her neo-hippie affect, I could tell she was a member of the group I sometimes dance with. I greeted her, and we got into a conversation.

“How come we don’t see you at dance any more?” she asked.

“It got too crazy to take the little one to.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, people get into their rhythm, and forget to take care around the kids. It’s getting too crowded. I’ve had my glasses knocked off my face there, I’ve been knocked over . . . it’s
just getting too crazy.”

“Don’t you think that should be her choice?” Huh?

“Uh . . . well, no, actually. I’m her mom; it’s my job to protect her.”

“But that’s the way the real world is. You can’t protect her from that.”

The Real World? Excuse, Ms. – what was your name? August Jupiter Light-Prism? In MY Real World, a bunch of sexually-charged, middle-aged, sarong-wearing New Age men and culturally-appropriating, belly-dancing white women don’t go cavorting around flailing their limbs, heedless of the smaller people they’re about to punch in the head.


3 responses to “Apparently, it’s not my job to protect Rocky from being kicked in the head by Sensitive New Age Guys

  1. Right ON, Blue.

    Children’s “choices” are limited by the dangerous or (at best) irresponsible behavior of adults. Preventing them from being exploited in factories or used by adults for sex is likewise not infringing on their “choice” — you cannot make a choice when you lack the information and experience to comprehend your options AND when your ability to say No means you lose support that may be key to your survival.

    Which also throws heterosexual women into a group, at times, whose ability to make choices has been denied.

  2. Oh…you’re totally reminding me of an image that has stuck in my head since 1984. We were walking out of a Grateful Dead show, and there was a guy in his early 20s, obviously tripping balls and completely high on his favorite band. Dude was half-running out of the venue and dragging a crying 3-year-old behind him, completely oblivious to the child and his needs. It was really creepy, and so irresponsible

    I guess the woman didn’t notice you were walking with a cane. That seems like the easiest/most obvious answer to the question of why you aren’t at Body Choir these days!!!

  3. True, Piph. James the Handsome PT says I can’t dance until May, at the earliest. Dammit. But I have to say, since it’s winter, I do like the long black coat and cane look. I can play at “distinguished” for a while.

    Astute as always, Mags.


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