Color Me Jesus

Rocky and I have a new game. She calls it Color Me Jesus.

She has this little Jesus Action Figure one of the church priests gave her, because the little Jesus appeared to have no owner, and she begged mightily for it. The Jesus Action Figure has bendable shoulders AND elbows, and he’s on wheels, so he can glide.

So Rocky gets out her pad of paper and some very cool twistable crayon-pen-things (new from Crayola tm!), and she draws suns (her current favorite thing to draw), and then I make the Jesus Action Figure draw his suns next to her suns. Then there’s this little blue plastic pony with its tiny legs all broken off, and I have to pretend it’s Jesus’ pony. Jesus is very worried about his pony. Then Rocky is the rising moon, the Great Mother Moon in fact, and Action Figure Jesus flies up into the sky to ask the Great Mother Moon to help him heal his pony. Great Mother Moon, eyelids half closed, face fixed in serenity and ancient wisdom, and bearing regal, reaches down slowly toward the stricken plastic pony. “Here’s a bandaid,” she says. Then she floats away. And the pony is healed, and Jesus rides her. Then we draw more suns.

There’s a song that goes with Color Me Jesus. It goes, “Jesus looooves meeee . . . Jesus loooooves meeee . . . agaaaainst the rules”.


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