Last night friend of mine wisely asked me to consider what has been good in the last year. I had to think about it for a minute, because as we all know negative events and emotions generally overshadow positive. But I came up with a few right there, and more kept occurring to me long after my little potluck dinner was over. I kept coming up with them, even after I lay down to sleep.

I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, to admire my freshly-dyed hair. I dyed it dark brown yesterday, but left the gray streak in the front alone. I noticed all my wrinkles, which a friend named for me (“we’ll name this one ‘breach baby’, this one ‘heart surgery’ . . . “). I put on a little mascara. Then I got dressed and had my day.

That’s all. Happy Birthday to Me.


3 responses to “11/13/07

  1. Happy birthday to you! Here’s to renewed hope and happiness in the year to come.

  2. Thank you both. Here here.

  3. Happy birthday, b.o. I’m so glad you were born.

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