Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day


For the bravest among ye, hoist the main brace and click the link to Accident of Hope for a tale from the scurviest of wenches, Cap’n Trista!

Shiver me timbers, and stuff!


2 responses to “Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

  1. Hmm- can’t post the link here– too long, so here’s an assignment:
    Go to this website: http://www.dc-coin.com/
    Look in Parody Quarters, and choose Maine.

    Made me laugh

  2. Sparks,

    The Giant Lobster is in fact a real beast, a denizen of the great gray Atlantic. It is about three hundred years old, and has been known to scuttle into bays and inlets and tip over lobster boats and cut lines. Traps are smashed to smithereens, as if by a giant crusher-claw. Men go missing. Salty old seadogs live to see it, but never speak again. One best hope that the scalawags foohardy enough to publicly parody the mighty ravager never find themselves unlucky enough to be on a boat near Penobscot Bay, where I last saw it.

    And that’s the truth, swear on the Canadian flag.

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