News that has nothing to do with the Badness

Rocky was supposed to start preschool this morning, but had a fever and aches last night, so was banned from class. I realized, as I breathed an unexpected sigh of relief, that she’s excited and probably totally ready – it’s only two half days a week, after all – but I’m feeling melancholy about it. My baby, the one I was going to keep clutched to my homeschoolin’ bosom for the rest of her life, going to learn from another woman. She’ll probably start calling her Mama and asking for her nukins.

I am in the middle of my internship, my foot is still broken and the boot is now making my low back seize up all day long. Did somebody say, “take six weeks off”? My doctor, maybe?

In happier news, Rukan has been asked by the owner/director of the massage school to come and join their faculty! Isn’t that awesome? She got her license there 14 years ago. All we need now is for Rocky to grow up so she can go there.

The really wacky part is, Ru is going to be assistant-teaching my class. For an entire semester.

I’m a little worried about the no sex with students rule . . .


2 responses to “News that has nothing to do with the Badness

  1. Melody’s 2-year-old son just started preschool after being with his stay-at-home mom for 2 years. It is making him more confident and outgoing. I can see him forming himself as his own person, becoming an individual. It’s really sweet. I am guessing that Rocky will love it. And it will create a little time and space for you, no?

    Das Boot really sucks. My back was endlessly whacked after I broke my ankle (on my honeymoon, no less!). I found it helped a little bit to try to find a shoe for the other foot with a similar height.

  2. Thanks, Epiphany. I’ve got a good hiking boot I wear on the other foot that raises me up to just about level. It does help some. I’m going to take a few weeks off and just let the fucker heal, already.

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