I know, I know…

But I have to tell you this.

Today I had a test at school. Sort of the final test – I had to give an instructor a full hour massage, with a bunch of required fancy moves, for a grade. I had to pass to move on to my internship.

I really felt like I gave a bad massage. This test came in the middle of some very, very difficult, painful life changes. I was nervous and preoccupied the entire hour. I was just trying to make it through.

After the session was over, my instructor clothed, then went to her office to fill out some paperwork. I sat taking deep breaths, waiting for the final verdict. She came back in, handed me an official-looking paper. She said, “I’ll let this speak for itself.”

My grade was an astonishingly high 97. Her only comment, written in red across the bottom: “This was one of the best student massages I’ve ever had.”


3 responses to “I know, I know…

  1. congratulations!!!!

    hey, I know we’re not that close, but if you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me…

  2. I am so happy for you, and (at the risk of sounding patronizing) proud.

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