Meanings of Words, by Rocky

“Mama, come sit on my bunkbed.”
“Sure, baby.”
“Be careful Mama, don’t bunk your head on the bunkbed. I have done that SO many times. I bunk my head on the bunkbed.”
“Is that why it’s called a bunkbed?”
“Yes. It’s really low, and you have to be very, very careful, not to bunk your head.”


3 responses to “Meanings of Words, by Rocky

  1. Maggie Jochild

    But she’s got a reb hat to protect her in case she does bunk her head.

  2. Ah, Rocky’s scarf. In fact, her great-grandmother, Sito Liza (pronounced “Leezle”), who Rockster is in part named after, wore that headscarf. So surely it has super-protecto powers.

  3. Oh my god but your child slays me with the cute!

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