Interview With God, Part I

Imagine that God is not separate from you. Imagine that there are no middlemen between you and the Holy One. Imagine that your very core is the creator and created all at once, that you are just a microcosm of the Universe and All that is in it. Imagine that you have every answer to every question and prayer inside the Temple of You and Everything, and you just have to listen closely and let go of a bunch of mind-poo to get to said answers. Imagine that God is not some higher being to whom you are an inferior beloved little lamb who has sinned and knows nothing and needs saving, that you don’t have to give up your birthright (your divine power) in order to commune with divinity. You ARE divinity.


One response to “Interview With God, Part I

  1. ripleywannabe

    I have six planets in Leo, I’m already there, babe. My therapist says I don’t need this kind of encouragement.

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