Now leaving the atmosphere.

I aced the anatomy test, passed the practical even though my stomach was empty and my head swimming from fatigue and I momentarily exposed my client’s boob, got my wife and child packed off to Louisville, finished the portrait and got it to my client, got the dog, cat and fish taken care of, Rukan’s hand is going to heal without needing surgery and she can go back to work whenever she wants, and now I just have to pack and get on a plane and on Thursday we’ll be in Indiana, meeting Rukan’s son.

Life is a rocket-ship ride to the moon.


2 responses to “Now leaving the atmosphere.

  1. Bravo! Maybe all this crap piled up to let you know that you’re capable of doing it.

    BTW, loved the heading “Austin Woman Stabs Self, Avacado,” on the other post.

  2. Could be. Welcome, lurker! Do I know you?

    Somewhere buried in here – I don’t know where, and I haven’t got the time to find it right now – is an entire post of “my life in headlines”. You might like that, too.

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