Life Goals Checklist

Get good at art – check
learn a second language – check
find the love of my life – check
make a safe and loving home – check
get myself a good dog – check
vacation somewhere tropical – check
have a baby – check
go back to school – check
continue to unlearn racism – check
finally get that secret piercing I keep talking about on my blog – OW! WOO! OK! – check


3 responses to “Life Goals Checklist

  1. What an uplifting checklist.

  2. How can you have a secret piercing on your blog? Does it involve punctuation marks? Or is “blog” what you crazy kids are calling a cunt these days?

  3. You nutty old crones and your zany words!

    It’s not called cunt anymore – it’s “quim”. Remember it for Scrabble some night when you’re up at the LoFi lounge.

    Excuse me, my blog’s secret quimring needs cleaning.

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