I’m still alive! And Miss Elsa is NOT pleased with me.

I’m hunched over Stepfather Ox’s laptop on the floor, pirating wi-fi waves (I LOVE techno-babble, don’t you?), in the tiny efficiency I’m sharing with my wife, our child, our dog, our cat and two goldfish. It actually has been mostly fun so far – kind of like camping. Without tv, computer and, at times, phone, we’ve had some real quality time together. When we’re not trying to strangle each other, we play Scrabble.

I don’t have long, but I did want to give you this week’s . . .


Tight bluejeans with something embroidered on the front of one thigh (very trendy, these days, it seems). A grey v-neck tee shirt, close-fitting (that goes without saying, of course). As always, very put-together, very perky, extremely gorgeously sexy.

And now, the Blue Ox very much not impressing Miss Elsa Oufit Report!

Hairdo: bedhead. Hair color: dull. Snotty, red swollen nose. Glasses askew from Rocky jumping on them. Mouth hanging open, since air will not pass through nostrils. Huge, baggy man’s sweater. Man’s baggy camo pants with knees ripped out. Stubbly kneecaps visible. Gift Socks: white with kitties and balls of yarn. Scuffed black clogs.

Who would YOU date?



4 responses to “I’m still alive! And Miss Elsa is NOT pleased with me.

  1. YOU, of course. Just from the description alone. But then, I’ve been de-programmed.

    Add on a flamethrower and I’ll bear your children.

  2. I would date you, too. Miss Elsa is not for dating. Miss Elsa is for encounters that take place outside of the normal space/time continuum.

  3. I’m with ripplywannabe and trista, and not just because I’m a big fan of bed head. Miss Elsa just sounds kind of like a circus freak to me, whereas you are a hunka hunka burnin love, even when you’re all decked out in snot.

  4. Ok, I admit it, I’d date me too. I’d just have all-night, rock-the-bed sex with Miss Elsa.

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