Sex Toy Week 2007 continued

Melissa and I are in the process of purging and packing our entire house to make way for the sheetrock guys and a fresh new start for our family, and so all our stuff is out of its hiding places waiting for the judgement day (dumpster- and Goodwill-bound trash bags lie open in every corner), and tonight we had Harry the Landlord up in our house to look at the cracking ceiling, and the three of us were standing in the bedroom talking, and he was facing the shelf, which was displaying, in plain view:

So today’s photo for Sex Toy Week 2007 is: a Landlord’s Eye View of my Whip Collection!


2 responses to “Sex Toy Week 2007 continued

  1. All s/m weapons displayed on this blog are for educational purposes only.

    Private lessons by appointment.

  2. Hibachi Wand with bright blue 3 inch attachment. Serving 20 years now without a complaint. When I pull it out, my cat leaves the room in a hurry.

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