Guest Post!

This post comes to us from the artist formerly known as FreLo of Fresh Loquats, new official superhero name Abacus. You will not believe what happened to her after she dropped me off from our party-crashing adventures the other night.
well, after that sultry evening with Blue, at 2 am i nearly got reamed by a drunken driver with a stolen car who ended up plowing through the fence and driving into the library wall in front of my eyes. have you ever seen anyone drive into a building? i hadn't. we were the only two cars on the street and if i'd been fifteen feet closer it would have been my car between him and the library wall. they spun and knocked over a telephone pole and a fence, and somehow by the grace of the goddess i had slowed down just before they came screaming into view.

i called 911 which was already looking for them with a helicopter. the guys got out and ran. i decided not to look into the car to see if there were any injured people in there, as the 911 people wanted me to do. thank you, trauma camp, for teaching me to protect my eyes and heart. i just told them i could not do that; and they did not pressure. when the ambulance got there i left. they called back after i was home, around 3am, asking me to come identify the poor souls who they caught running, but i declined. then they suggested that they could drive the fugitives over to my house to be identified. um, for what-- a tea party? i don't want their brothers coming to my door to inquire as to why i pointed the finger, yo! yes, cops can be stupid sometimes, friends.

anyway, the bottom line is this: thank you, goddess, for showing me how both -not in charge- and -in your arms- i am.

thanks for being out there, friends.


2 responses to “Guest Post!

  1. If we could post on this blog every whacked-out thing that happens to you, Abacus, and then collect a $5 viewing fee per reader per story, we’d be rich l’il ladies.

    I love guest posts.

  2. Check out my latest blog. I could use a parent’s feedback. Oy!

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