my mind is a puddle of drool

My mind has been dry for a week. No metaphors can be dug up. Phrases are mushy and fall apart. I can’t piece two thoughts together. Time of month? Lack of sleep? Depression? Early-onset senility? Old amalgam fillings leaching mercury into my brain?

So, while we wait for the heavy metals to clear up, I’m going to publish a few poems. Here’s the first.


Instructions for the Hesitant Femme

That dirt on your elbows – WASH IT OFF
Chapstick – what?! WIPE THAT OFF
For Goddess’s sake, CURL YOUR LASHES
Blink! Blink! Bat them hard!
My word, you walk like your father
Do you have a BEARD? Are you carrying a CHAINSAW?
Well, maybe you do, and maybe you are
but now it’s time to STAND CONTRAPASTO
What? That means SHOOT OUT A HIP
no not with a GUN, my GOD, you’re a mess
Stick out your hip, Woman!
WOMAN! Remember that word? Not a lady,
not a girl, but you don’t have to braid your armpit hairs
at Michigan
It’s fun! It’s cool and refreshing! You WILL LOVE IT
See that little dusty box in the back of the bathroom closet?
Grab it! Open it!
Holy Mother, look at the color
Crimson! Pink! Red, oh Red, Ruby RED!
Iridescent Plum? Why not – whatever it takes
Oh, and please,
take off that CRAP
Take it off, TAKE IT OFF! Take it AAALLL OFF
Now, put it on, slide it on, glide it on
(you can still strap it on)
squeeze into it, fishnet it,
shimmy it all over
dust it, sprinkle it, pull it on over
Be one with it, the curves of it
the seductive smile of it, the mysterious
guile of it
Write your
Lipstick Manifesto!

Psycho Ox Productions, Baby


One response to “my mind is a puddle of drool

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