The Poetry Around Me

Conversation in my bathroom

Mo: Come on Cowgirl, you have to sit.
Rocky: But I want Cowgirl to feel the wind outside!
Mo: Before Cowgirl can go feel the wind outside she has to sit and pee.

Conversation in my car

Rocky: Oh, Mama! Sweet little juicy Mama!
Me: Did you just call me “sweet little juicy Mama”?
Rocky: It’s time for your bath, Mama Pig.

Morning Bedhead Conversation

Rocky: Mommy has curly hair.
Me: Yes, she has.
Rocky: I have curly hair.
Me: You sure do!
Rocky: Your hair is a water fountain.

Seen from my car, at a tax prep place on a windy December day: a cold, brown-skinned man, dressed head to toe in a brightly colored Uncle Sam outfit, holding a sign that says “INCOME TAX!”. He is waving tiredly.

A handwritten note at the laundromat:
“hello my friend,
please don’t vandalize this machine any more. be a good American.”


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