Keep ‘Em Coming, Blue.

I keep dreaming about people who read my blog.

Last night I dreamed Melissa, Rocky and I lived in commune. A couple had a huge, scary wolf as a pet. This animal was wild. It was planning to wait until everyone was asleep, and then eat Rocky. I kept trying to get the couple to deal with it, to figure out a solution, but they were blind to their “pet’s” killer disposition. I was afraid to go to sleep at night, but knew I couldn’t stay awake. Then Ripleywannabe showed up. She wrote them a poem explaining why they should take the wolf away, and everyone else in the commune gave them $20 traveller’s checks.

That was it. Who’s next in line for an appearance in my dreams?


2 responses to “Keep ‘Em Coming, Blue.

  1. Me, me! Pick me! I had a dream the other night that my g/f was going out on a date with her ex. I reminded her that we were monogomous and she said, “Of course. I know that.” Then she picked up a handful of condoms and jumped out the window.

  2. That’s effing hilarious. Except that of course it’s not. (muffled chuckle)

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