And lo, we beheld the glorious loot

Rocky’s song of the day: “Reindeer Keep Falling on my Head”

Well, hello! I’ve missed you, my sweet oxies. We’re having a lovely time here at Mom and Jeff’s, stuffing ourselves silly on Mom’s Most Amazingly Kickass Christmas Cookies. Merry Rip-N-Tear, as Mom says. Though I have to tell you something about my daughter – she is more calm about unwrapping presents than the most jaded humbugger. I just said “humbugger”. Sounds like the word for a gay Brit in a McDonald’s costume. OK, that was bad.

Seriously, the child wakes up, calmly has her morning nukins, calmly goes potty, strolls out to the livingroom, the livingroom glowing with magical golden light (my mother can cook AND decorate) and completely packed with shiny candy and colorful presents; she calmly surveys the Christmas landscape, gives the empty plate and note from Santa a disinterested glance, then heads for the tree and begins to root through the heaping pile under it.

Then we call Evander and her moms, and we hear the sound of frantic shredding, jumping and shrieking in the background.

And that pretty much sums up our kids.

Then this afternoon, Rocky looked at me very seriously, pointed a finger at me and told me, “YOU’RE Santa.”

Me: sound of heart stopping.

She said, “You’ve got the Santa hat on! You be Santa, and I’ll be the reindeer!” Yes, yes indeed, I found I was wearing the red hat and she had felt antlers.

Me: sound of heart restarting.

So, a Merry Rip-n-Tear to all, and to all a good night!


2 responses to “And lo, we beheld the glorious loot

  1. Missed you, too.

    Some questions: What is the sound of a heart stopping? And — wouldn’t a humbugger be making nonverbal melody between his lips as he, well, you know?

    I’ve had one kid who was calm like Rocky, and one who had the galloping greedy gimmes, and I much prefer the former. But you get what comes down the birth canal, sometimes. Especially when it’s another woman’s birth canal and she’s been decent enough to Share.

    Speaking of sharing — how’s about if you get your Mama’s Kick-Ass recipe and post it for us all cookielarily deprived?

    Drive safe.

  2. We do a periodic “kid exchange” with Ev’s moms so we can all get the best of both worlds.

    I’ll see if I can wrestle the recipes.


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