Muuuuust … Sleeeeeep … Muuuuuust … Bloooog … ( Must …. not … speak … in …. fragments …)

I have. Got. To take. A break.

I don’t want to lose you, my loyal blog-o-pals. But I have got to get some sleep at night, for the next week, until my insane holiday business avalanche subsides. So bear with me; there won’t be a lot of writing, and there’ll probably be more than one Famous Birthday coming up.

Nostradamus. Five hundred and three. What’s with that dude kneeling at his feet? This could be another “DaVinci Code” kind of thing, people. How Nostradamus’ “predictions” were all well-hidden ancient code for promoting dominant-submissive relationships. I’ll look into it. Or not.

On another note, I need you to tell me why I’ve got to stay off sugar. Your answer should be as follows: “because sugar gives you anxiety attacks and fucking HEART PALPITATIONS, Blue. You crazy-ass fool.” You know, in your own words. Seriously, I am really struggling right now to stay healthy. It may sound dumb (ok, it DOES sound dumb) but my worst addiction really is sugar, and it does terrible things to me. ‘Tis the season for chocolate cream pie and frosted sparkly cookies. And (*SOB*) I just can’t resist them on my own. So for the next three weeks, whenever you think of it, feel free to post me a little comment reminding me that SUGAR = SATAN.




2 responses to “Muuuuust … Sleeeeeep … Muuuuuust … Bloooog … ( Must …. not … speak … in …. fragments …)

  1. And Nostradude has a brass cock ring hanging off the North Pole, what’s up with THAT?

    Sugar IS Santa I mean Satan. There’s a reason why sugar and alcohol were essential supplies on every colonizing and conquering expedition — if they ran out, they had to go back home and get more ’cause you can’t persuade your crew to destroy and pillage without sugar in their systems.

    Don’t apologize to us for not blogging. Having to wait for it just makes us want you more. (See, I know how to make a Scorpio happy.) Sleep, rest, enjoy your loved ones. And if you want to laugh your ass off, go to YouTube and pull up the “fainting goat” video.

  2. Not apologizing so much as BEGGING you not to leave me. So very me.

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