The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far . . . Part 57

Here is Rocky in one of her many self-chosen outfits. Purple sweatsuit with purple polka-dot swimsuit over and Red Sparkly Shoes. DO NOT, I repeat, do NOT call them “ruby red slippers”. They are Red Sparkly Shoes, and if you get it wrong you’ll get an earful of 2-year-old righteous indignation.

Now just place a blue cowboy hat on her head, and you’ve got a good picture of my kid. I wonder where she gets that dress-up instinct?


7 responses to “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far . . . Part 57

  1. Must be the donor.

  2. Are you talking to yourself again? Trying to keep yourself warm?

    I’m guessing from the title of this post that she gets her snazzy dress sense from the woman who owns the vagina that she dropped from… but just a guess.

    That’s a pretty neat outfit.

    Why are you so cold?

  3. Ain’t got no heat. Now it’s 70-something out and I have to take off layers. I love Texas.

    And what are you doing, Miss Government Spy? Visiting queer blogs and writing things like “snazzy” and “vagina” from your work computer?

    “Keep Coming Back, Work Isn’t Worth It”

  4. I think you should send this photo and description in to the producers of “Ugly Better” because I can see a TV show for Rocky in the offing, can’t you?

  5. Aaggh! Didn’t proofread. I meant “Ugly Betty” — interesting typo, wonder what THAT means?

  6. That would be MS. Government Spy to you, you hippie communist free-lovin’ lesbiotic snazzy dresser, you!

  7. Trista, you just reminded me that there’s a great cartoon I have stashed away somewhere, by a lesbian cartoonist whose name I can’t remember. There are all these middle-aged lesbians sitting around in a circle obviously having some sort of serious discussion. Among them is a woman with wild long permed hair and lipstick; she is crackling with a conventional-looking sex appeal. One of the women is telling the wild one how she is tearing apart the very foundation of lesbian feminism we have worked so hard to build over the decades. The wild woman responds, “yeah, but I bet you’d die to sleep with me.”

    I love everyone in that cartoon.

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