The Goatman Project

“The deserts of New Mexico. November, 2006. I’ve spent my entire life travelling the world in search of one fearsome, hideous creature. I believe I’ve finally found the killing grounds of . . . the legendary GOATMAN.

History is filled with stories of a terrible being – said to be half-man, half goat, with fangs that can rip the heads off things. Big things. Like people.

As soon as I hear about the most recent attack, in the dry, arid Southwest, I head off to the scene.”

“It’s worse than I could have imagined. Their heads appear intact, but they tell me their organs have been sucked out. Sure victims of the Goatman. Or El Chupacabra, but whatever.

My assistant and I find another victim – a defenseless toy puppy. Poor little thing. Its organs have been sucked out, as well. Oh, the horror.”

“Hiking onward, we find another clue – an earring, shed by the Goatman! I’ve learned something new today – the Goatman is actually half goat, half hippie.

And lo, what’s this? A size 11 1/2 print. We’re getting close!”

“A sighting! At long last! The dreaded Goatman in plain view! But now, he’s gone again, down over the ridge, and into a cave – follow him! Follow him!”

“Others have seen him, too! See them run for their lives!”

“Aha – we have him cornered! The Goatman! The . . . uh . . . ”

“MOM . . . DAD . . . I . . . AM . . . SO . . . SORRY . . .”








We set off into the New Mexico desert in search of the legendary Goatman on November 25, 2006. We were never seen again. Only this photo-journal remains.


2 responses to “The Goatman Project

  1. ohmygod… I almost spewed coffee all over my screen, I was laughing so hard. Specially when I got down to “Forgive me Father, for I have eaten your son’s face off”

  2. The Blue Witch Project: Do NOT view it alone in the dark.

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