Not your ordinary family holiday photos

Can you be in love with a state? I’m in love with New Mexico.

The hippies stole my child!

Hey look! The face of Jesus in my stepmother’s pumpkin pie!

Forgive me Father, for I have eaten your son’s face off

Three generations of hippies, horse-whispering at the ranch Dad works at

My father is able to mind-meld with animals. Really. After this photo was taken the horse said, “whew! glad I got that off my chest.”

Then he did this. What the hell is he doing? Why why why?! Horses are aliens.

This is where we spotted the legendary Goat Man. Half man, half goat. And he had recently killed and eaten a bunch of people, and left no trace. That’s why you don’t see bones.

Mama and Rocky hiding from the Goat Man – in a giant vulva


3 responses to “Not your ordinary family holiday photos

  1. I love New Mexico, too. There are the nicest people there. This one time, I was trying to get to a liquor store, and I cut this guy off (I didn’t mean to) and I was really embarrassed and scared because cutting someone off like that could result in your getting shot here in Utah. And then it turned out that he was going to the same liquor store, and when we all got out of our cars he smiled and waved at me, and I apologized for cutting him off and he told me he was just glad that he hadn’t hit me.

    I swear, everyone in NM is either a hippy or an alien from a really polite planet.

  2. I just found your blog. Its damn funny. I like New Mexico too. That was a beautiful Jesus Christ pumpkin pie. You should’ve sold it on e,Bay for 4 trillion dollars.

  3. Damn it! You know, we already ate it. Oh well, coulda woulda shoulda.

    Welcome, Girlscout!

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