The Great Wall of Madness

So, I just want to say, having just traveled along the border with Mexico and taken a very good look, my highly professional opinion on that Great Wall they want to build is that


What a goddamn waste of tax money! Seriously, people. If the Mexicanos want in, they’re going to get in. Melissa said there are places in Big Bend where American tourists and Mexican artifact vendors just wade across the water to each other.

Oh, and I also wanted to say, it’s not just Austin cops who profile my brown-skinned wife. A while back she was in a car coming back from Mexico with her ex and lily inlaws and the border patrol stopped the car, had Melissa get out, and kept her there and asked her 50 different ways where she was from. And she had her U.S. birth certificate. Surely the rich white old people were carting a cheap new illegal lawn boy back to their estate.

We were driving along i-10, and it was all normal, and then suddenly there were border patrol cars and suv’s everywhere, and a checkpoint, and gray government buses parked on the side of the highway. To take people back into Mexico. I wonder what happens to them when they get home? Do they just get dropped off, and get to go free and come back over in the morning, a little wiser?

In other news, we’re having a nice visit so far, though we’re all three completely sleep-deprived. Rocky lost it in the middle of Mo’s filet minon (a yearly indulgence, paid for by dear ole’ Dad). The poor kid was so overtired she couldn’t even eat. She was screaming, which she rarely does, hitting me in the face, really just throwing down. Then she just plunked her head down on my shoulder and was suddenly asleep. And she’s still asleep. And now I’m going to bed too. Enjoy your turkey, or your tofurkey, or your football and beer.



2 responses to “The Great Wall of Madness

  1. The wall has two purposes:
    (a) Funnel more money into the pockets of Cheney’s Halliburton, because they will assuredly get all the contracts to build it, and
    (b) Throw red meat to the racist backbone of the Republican party, currently strongest in the Midwest, because keeping the white working class from noticing who is REALLY fucking them over is essential to maintaining the elitist neocons in power.

    Xenophobia is fear. How do you deal with fear that deep, that legitimized by the law, that inculcated in American culture? Reason doesn’t work on these people because it’s not a logical stand they are taking. I think about this question every day, I kid you not. They aren’t going to disappear. Racism is the underbelly of America, the spiritual test we keep failing.

    And thanksgiving? Biggest crock of shit of them all. Go to Alternet and read what really happened when the Europeans arrived here.

    You take care out there.

  2. Don’t they realize with no illegals there will be no one to build that wall? Jeez-zus everyone with half a brain knows Mexicans built this cunt-try; everything we live in, shop in and drive on.
    Happy stuffing,

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