Thong or Pigskin?

I’d like to introduce my partner Mo. Here’s a conversation we had today, so you can get to know her a little better.

Me, in kitchen, chopping something: I am SO looking forward to our date on Saturday.
Mo, in office, looking at computer: Me too, Baby.
Me: So what do you want to do after we drop off Rocky? Stop by the store and pick up finger food, come home for a few hours? Then go to the performance? Or ditch the performance and stay home all night?
Mo: Sounds great, Baby.
Me: That’s not the right answer.
Mo: What’d you say?
Me: *SIGH*
[a few moments of quiet chopping and reading]
Me: What?! What?!
Mo: Oh, MAN!! There’s a GAME on Saturday!
Me: Oh. A game.
Mo: Two REALLY BIG TEAMS. Ohhhhhhh! [whining] Oh, Baby!
Me: Melissa.
Mo: Ohhhhhhhh!
Me: It’s your choice. It’s the rare occasion we have a night to ourselves. Football or sex?
Mo: Can’t we have sex while I watch football???
Me: Melissa!

I love my wife. I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her and if my neighbor looks in our window on Saturday night it’s not beefy men in buttpads he’ll be seeing.


5 responses to “Thong or Pigskin?

  1. Gotta love an introduction that establishes right away who’s on top.

  2. Hey Baby you’re my halftime entertainment…Let’s see how high we can get the score.Rukan

  3. HALFTIME???!!!

    HALF TIME??????!!!!!!!

    You’d better be careful Missy, or you’ll be hearing that sound.

    What sound, Blue?

    The sound of you not gettin’ any.

  4. Here it is Saturday afternoon and there’s been no update to the blog. Falling down on the job?

  5. Sex. Lots of it. That’s why.


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