Fun With Fishnets and Photoshop

I almost forgot! I know you were all waiting with baited breath (what the hell does that mean?) to see my HALLOWEEN OUTFIT! $15 at Saver’s, dudes! Introducing, my newest alter ego:

The Tooth Fairy
See her cute l’il pink wings?
and the cute l’il pliers?
Scroll down in your mind for stockings and boots.


9 responses to “Fun With Fishnets and Photoshop

  1. The real problem with stockings is that you can’t insert a double dildo and harness with them on. Unless they are fishnet all the way up.

  2. P.S. It’s “bated” breath, honey, as in breath held back a bit.

    Although baited works in some contexts…

  3. super! thanks for asking.

    where. is. the bubble costume? photoshop all ya want, give rocky a bobblehead disguise, but i wanna see the bubble costume! 🙂 or email me, so i can send em to krissy and her mommy.

  4. So just for today can you be the Democratic Blue Ox?

  5. Well, Sparks, usually I’m an independent sorta girl. You know, can’t stick to one label or anything. But I’ll do it for you, baby!

  6. Ripley, I just don’t know what to say to the double dildo comment. Truly I don’t. There’s one in every crowd.

    ps: it’s all about creativity, darlin.

  7. One could say that the seagulls who follow fishing boats are waiting with baited breath.

    Or a Blue Ox in a dyke bar with a roll of Certs.

  8. “Or a Blue Ox in a dyke bar with a roll of Certs.”

    Talk about one in every crowd…!

  9. Are those wings made out of pink flamingos?

    And, Ripley, that’s what thigh highs are for, baby.

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