Goldfish Love

The fish in the background is Pocket. The fish in the foreground is Parsley. They’re both much cuter in real life. You know, for fish. And although Parsley scarfs down most of the food, Pocket is still a hulking giant compared to her.

When we added Parsley (named by Rocky, of course) to the tank, Pocket started doing flips of joy. He’s been much calmer ever since. He smiles more. And he seems to be drinking less.

See? Everybody needs a friend in their tank.


3 responses to “Goldfish Love

  1. I love how in this photo it appears as if Pocket and Parsley are suspended in mid-air, not in water.

    When Leslie Gore opened a salad fast-food place at Pier 39 in San Francisco during the 1980s, she named it “It’s My Parsley.” Lesbos with a sense of humor are the best.

  2. A friend in the tank is better than a friend to get tanked any day.
    Hmm- maybe I just haven’t seen you throwing them back enough to be concerned about your drinkin. Of course you are with you all the time and if it bothers you, I will certainly support you in fun-but-alcohol-free activities. Tell me more about this bowling thing. Am I invited?
    At your service,
    P.S. Catch up with me on my blog. Things are goooood.

  3. Is it possible that Pocket getting a companion led to the Democratic landslide in the House? If so, let’s think about getting him a plastic castle and see if that leads to IMPEACHMENT.

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