Some interesting things you probably didn’t know about me and also may not care

I have a fear of toilet paper rolls. There might be a tarantula lurking inside the cardboard cylinder.

I think Regis Philbin is cute. I was sad when he stopped hosting “Millionaire”.

I like rats. I would like to have one as a pet. They’re very smart and affectionate, when they’re not giving you rabies.

My worst fear of dying is of being trapped in a tiny space all alone and unable to move. I will not be watching that 9-11 movie about that dude that got trapped.

My favorite swear is son-of-a-bitch!!

My family came from England and Wales, made their fortune as privateers (pirates under royal employ), kept a plantation, and eventually split off to settle down – some in Barbados, some in Canada and some in New England.

My family was homeless for a while. We lived in a tent village.

My father was, at different times, a firefighter, a truck driver, an electrician on the Navy’s Aegis Cruisers (big boats with guns), and a soldier at the end of the Korean War. He used to be friends with Yoko Ono. He’s a gentle old hippie. Now he takes disadvantaged kids up into the New Mexico mountains on horseback for a living.

I have a Korean half-brother.

My grandparents were blacklisted.

I won’t eat lobster because they’re boiled to death, and anybody who says lobsters don’t experience some kind of pain just doesn’t want to stop eating lobster.

I like McDonald’s french fries.

My mother is my hero and one of my best friends.

I helped my grandfather through his passage out of this life, held him while he fought for his last breath, and then had to undergo an exorcism with a Chinese acupuncturist so he’d leave.

My brother and I got chased by a UFO. I am not making this up.

I also once got chased by a bull moose. I’m not making that up, either.

I once stood up to the CEO of Dow Chemical Company, in person, for polluting the Great Lakes.

I once built a lean-to next to a stream in the Pelham Hills of Massachusetts and stayed in it overnight to overcome my extreme fear of the dark. I woke up before dawn to the sound of the water singing in a human voice.

When I was little we used an outhouse and bathed in a metal tub with water heated from a woodstove.

I have never wished that I weren’t queer.

Last night I dreamed that my goldfish was joined by nine other goldfish and the tank was getting crowded. Then they all turned into small, brightly-colored underwater-people, and I fed them fish food.

I sometimes wish I were Johnny Depp.

I’m very happy.


5 responses to “Some interesting things you probably didn’t know about me and also may not care

  1. This was awesome! I’m stealing your idea for MY blog!
    Love you-


  2. These are just a few of the reasons I love you so much.

  3. Anonymous, who ARE you? You keep posting comments, and I just can’t figure out your identity! WHO COULD IT BE??? And you better be home before 2 am tonight. You know how I worry.

  4. And Sparky, you are just too much. You and your multitasking love-life crack me up. I’d love to hear strange factoids about you.

  5. Just wandered over here from and am LOVING your writing.

    And, btw, very impressed with your beach teepee building.

    I’ll definitely be back…

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