We’re still washing sand out of things

To Do:
Wake up before dawn. Pee in grass.
Watch sun rise over the dunes.
Feed child, wife, dog and self.
Spend entire day at beach.
Feed child, wife, dog and self.
Pee in grass. Go to sleep.

How to build a teepee on a windy beach so your daughter and dog can take a nap in it

1. Hike miles and miles along the shore to find driftwood the exact right length and shape. Or, if you’re lucky, it’s all right there in a pile beside your spot.
2. Dig wood ends deeply into sand, using a highly professional plastic kid shovel.
3. Secure frame with rope and masterly sailor’s knots. Or double-tie them like your laces.
4. wrap tarp around frame. Secure tarp using above measures, plus some bungee cords.

Now gloat. You’re the only person the entire length of Texas gulf coastline who could so masterfully engineer such a brilliantly useful shelter. Work it. Work it. Work it, girl.


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