Children Are Aliens

Today, while listening to the Spice Girls in the car, Rocky started singing the lyrics.

How does a 2-year-old learn to sing “If you want my future/ forget my past/ if you wanna get with me/ better make it fast … slam your body down and wind it all around”? Because that’s what she sang. Plus pretty much the whole rest of the song too, except for the “rapping” part. I can’t even understand that. The British should not rap.

My child is an alien.

Further proof: the teletubbies are aliens. It’s true, you can tell by the fact that they live on a different planet where the sun giggles and coos and blinks its eyes. Our sun doesn’t do those things, unless maybe you’re under the right influence. Plus there are rabbits instead of people and spooky self-propelled vacuum cleaners that suck up Tubby Toast like it’s crack. Seriously, Rocky is a teletubby. She’s the little brown-skinned one. Right? She is so totally Dipsy. Except that she speaks in full sentences with proper grammar and recites Spice Girls songs.

Rocky’s education for today:

Me: “Rocky, see the big purple one with the purse? That teletubby is GAY.”
Rocky: “Oh my gosh! Look Mama, there’s a BABY in the sun!”


2 responses to “Children Are Aliens

  1. Sorry to change the subject but I just found this quote:
    “The Israelis told us it would be a cheap war with many benefits. … Why oppose it? We’ll be able to hunt down and bomb missiles, tunnels, and bunkers from the air. It would be a demo for Iran.”
    – a U.S. government consultant with close ties to Israel, quoted by Seymour Hersh in his New Yorker article, “Watching Lebanon: Washington’s interests in Israel’s war.”

    Feeling nauseous. Going back to work…
    Love you- and everyone else too.

  2. Thanks Sparky. I still can’t believe you named yourself that. You know why.

    Love you too.

    ps: You’re just about the cutest sailor I’ve ever seen

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